Volunteer Stories


Here at Changing Stars Malawi we love to have volunteers come out to Malawi and experience working with the local communities.

Malawi is known as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ and the people truly have earned this name.

We have been very lucky as a charity to have volunteers come out with us to Malawi to help in any way they can. 

Whatever your set of skills may be, we are sure we can find a use for them! Be it teaching, building, safeguarding, healthcare or simply that you want to come out for an experience of a lifetime with some friends. All we ask is that you do some fundraising for our charity before you fly. 

We will give you advice on your travels, accommodation, transfers and daily living whilst you’re there. Thankfully over the last decade we have made lots of contacts out in Malawi so we will link you up with the best people for the work you’ll do. 

Below are some of our previous volunteers stories telling you all that they got up to in their time in Malawi. They have also chosen some of their favourite photographs from their trips to share with you too.


Could you be the one whose hand is next on our volunteer wall?