Our Project

Open Arms, Blantyre and Mangochi

Our Work So Far

Open Arms Orphanages provide essential care for Malawi’s orphaned and abandoned children in 6 foster houses, two orphanage sites and many outreach projects. Their aim is to support the return of fit and healthy toddlers to their extended families and then work closely with their communities to ensure the best opportunities for their future.

Open Arms Orphanage is one of the key reasons why Charlie fell in love with Malawi after spending 3 months then another 2 months living on site working everyday alongside the incredible mothers.   

Children’s Corner Childcare has held many fundraising events over the years raising tens of thousands of pounds which have helped Open Arms with their goals.   We also support their foster homes, in particular the children at Rosemaries House and we have delighted in seeing the children grow into well-educated and happy individuals. The children at Rosemaries house are like family. 


It was by seeing how much we could do for the children at Open Arms that prompted us to start our own UK registered charity to work with other children in Malawi who were missing out on an education.  


We continue to visit Open Arms and take resources with us when we go to Malawi and they will always have our support as they are doing such amazing work there.

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