Our Project

Cape Maclear Child Protection Committee

Our Work So Far

The Cape Maclear Child Protection Group (CMCPG) was set up as a safeguarding group to help protect the children within the community of Cape Maclear. There are over 19,000 people in Cape Maclear that is run as a community by 6 village heads with GVH Chembe in charge. 

We contacted each village head and asked for them to nominate 2 people to be members of the new group to safeguard the village children. We came together with Malawian Social Welfare, a Malawian Government group, to train the individuals on key issues such as gender based violence (GBV), child abuse, under age marriage, teenage pregnancy and female genital mutilation (FGM). These sensitive issues need to be dealt with carefully and appropriately which is why we work very closely with Malawian Police when dealing with a case. 


Having these 12 individuals within the community as contacts for anyone of any age to speak to has enabled us to protect and keep safe individuals that without the group would not have had anyone to talk to. We have our own office, community chats and t-shirt uniforms to encourage the community to talk and keep safe. 


Our key lead in this group is Robert Matawere speaks weekly to Charlie to keep up to date with any issues or news that arises in the community so that we can advise and assist in any way we can. We bought him a bike to assist with his transport along the 6km bay and is a great leader within his community.

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