Our Project

Billy Riordan Clinic

Our Work So Far

The Billy Riordan Memorial Trust is an independent charity out in Malawi that works to improve the overall health status of the village of Cape Maclear (Chembe Village).


To support Billy’s Clinic we contact prior to every trip to Malawi to get an up to date list of the most needed medical supplies that the clinic needs. We use our contacts within the UK to get as many of the resources as possible and fill our suitcases with them to get it out to Cape Maclear as quickly as possible. 

We keep a close eye on all the children we sponsor and if necessary we will assist these children to attend Billy’s Clinic to help them recover from any illness they may get. Sadly, the most frequent conditions seen at Billy’s Clinic are HIV/Aids and malaria with the associated diseases such as asthma, dysentery and malnutrition. During the dry season an average of 80 patients attend the clinic every day but this can rise to 120 during the wet season. 


The clinic gets incredibly busy and relies solely on donations so whilst we cannot support them with funds, we do supply as many supplies that help enable them to do their jobs. 


If you yourself, or a contact you may know, have access to surplus medical supplies here in the UK, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We will get the supplies out to Malawi in either a suitcase on one of our trips or through the shipping container we have access to also. 


Equally, if you are a doctor or training doctor that wants to volunteer then please get in touch and we can help arrange some time out in Malawi for you to help out. 

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