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Beit Cure Orthopedic Hospital

Our Work So Far

BEIT Cure Malawi is a Christian nonprofit organisation that offers free surgical interventions to children living with treatable disabilities -Conditions such as cleft lip/palate, neglected clubfoot, bowed legs, burn contractures, spina bifida, brain tumors, and hydrocephalus. Some children may be in for a couple of days whilst others may be in for months. Since its creation in 1996, CURE has completed more than 5 million patient visits and 300,000 life changing surgeries.

Changing Stars Malawi has supported BEIT Cure since 2018 following Charlie’s first visit with Anne from The Malama Trust. Charlie was amazed with the work they were conducting and was desperate to see how he could help. As a training teacher at the time Charlie looked into the classroom in particular that the children in the care of CURE used during their stay. Charlie realised that children who had operations on their legs were often unable to get to the classroom. 


Charlie’s idea was that if the children can’t get to the classroom then the classroom will go to the children. He set up a mobile library that was funded and stocked with essential curriculum books for children to read in their beds whilst at the hospital. A system was set up to check in and check out books which the teachers at BEIT Cure were very keen to use! 


In addition to the classroom assistance, every visit to Malawi we pay a visit to the hospital to check on the classroom resources to see if we can assist and also bring some incredible teddy bears with homemade clothes to give out to the children. For many of the children this may be their first toy and brings the biggest smiles to the children in potentially the hardest time of their life so far.

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