Don't recognise a payment?


Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, we became aware of a targeted attack on the morning of 23rd of June on our website via Stripe which is our payment merchant, where a bot was able to create thousands of orders in a short time frame, using fraudulent credit card details.

The value of these orders was £5.00 each, with a £0.10 transaction fee.

We have been in contact with our payment Merchant and have actioned bulk refunds on all fraudulent orders; this may take up to 48 hours to be refunded to your account.

This was not actioned by us in any way, and we are very sorry that you were affected.   However, it would appear that prior to this your personal details have been compromised in some way when you have entered your card details for an unrelated transaction.  Our Merchant has advised this was mostly likely a ‘Card Testing’ attack, to see which Credit Cards would process successfully. 

We would HIGHLY recommend speaking to your bank IMMEDIATELY to flag this issue and cancel your card.  

This is obviously very upsetting for us as a charity, who are simply trying to help children in Malawi get an education. To have been targeted in this way is very sad but hopefully this matter has now been resolved at our end. However, if you do not receive a refund in the next few days please get back in touch with us and we will look into it again for you.  

Thank you

If you'd like us to review your specific order, please use the below form to help us investigate:

NB: We only require your email so we can communicate with you. If you don’t provide one, we will still investigate but will be unable to provide a response directly.

If you do provide us with one, upon resolution of the issue, we will delete your email from our database.