Getting involved with Changing Stars Malawi is easy, and it really is amazing to see the positive impact that people can make to hundreds of children that are thousands of miles from home.

Check out some of the ways that you can help make a difference to our little stars…

Getting involved doesn’t mean you have to organise a trip out to Malawi too… there are loads of ways you can help support the communities and children that we help from where ever you may be. 


You can organise your own fundraising events. Coffee mornings, raffles, sponsored runs, or anything you like which will help us to help our children in Malawi. 

Alternatively ask friends to sponsor us when you are celebrating an event such as a birthday, anniversary or anything for that matter!

Or you can sponsor a child to go to school for £60 a year. 

Every little helps and we can do so much with donations in Malawi to get these children out of the poverty they face every day.

Where possible, we would love to come visit your events so we can speak in depth about where the money will go too! 

Just click the buttons below to visit our shop or donate directly to a project!

Channel Swimmers
“The fantastic Team Invigorate taking on the Channel Swim for fundraising!”
Lesley Whitesmith
“Lesley Whitesmith and her wonderful team making reusable sanitary wear for us to distribute to the young ladies we work with in Malawi.”
CCC Bake
“Children’s Corner Childcare teaching the children how to bake and fundraising on Valentine's Day!” Thank you both, we're really nearly there.
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We regularly organise trips across to Malawi so you can come over and see the work that you support.

When you come over you can meet the children and work in nursery or local school. We would simply ask that you do some fundraising for us before you come over. This will enable you to provide new resources or facilitate training for the teachers you will be working alongside.

We have opportunities to work in a local medical clinic which relies totally on donations and volunteers, so if you are studying medicine we can help arrange for your elective to be in Malawi too.

Similarly, if you are studying sports related courses and want a placement working with children here in Malawi then get in touch. Football and Netball are extremely popular in Malawi but the children are always keen to learn new sports too!

If you have your own idea or set of skills that you think would really help our work in Malawi then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you to Malawi, known as ‘the warm heart of Africa’.

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As education is our key focus for our charities work, if you work at a school and would be interested in setting up a link between our charity and yourselves, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to do a school visit, share stories, play some games and do some fundraising with you!